Can an iPhone 13 Pro Max case fit the iPhone 14 Pro Max?

"iPhone for 2022 Size is larger than 2021"

It's always good to save a little money on new phone accessories, particularly when spending so much on the phone itself. With the iPhone 14 Pro Max, that may very well be your approach.

The 14 Pro Max, Apple's largest and most costly phone for 2022, has a 6.7-inch screen with an always-on display to shield the A16 Bionic within and many wirelessly advanced features. Can you reuse previous iPhone 13 Pro Max covers on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, given that the design hasn't changed dramatically, but the positioning of elements has?

Does the iPhone 14 Pro Max fit an iPhone 13 Pro Max case?

You may first wonder if you're attempting to save some money if the older iPhone 13 Pro Max case would fit the newer iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The answer is, perhaps, largely depending on who presented the argument. The answer is "no" if you have an Apple-manufactured iPhone 13 Pro Max case since they seem to be created to each model's precise requirements, and the newer versions won't fit.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is thicker than the iPhone 13 Pro Max, measuring 7.85mm instead of 7.65mm. The 14 Pro Max leans up in the right corner and does not fit the Apple case because of the difference in thickness and the size and thickness of the camera module.

However, a third-party iPhone 13 Pro Max case we tested from EFM fit the 14 Pro Max rather well, making this a case that is very much dependent on the manufacturer of the case you choose. Only a few cases will fit, however.

Can the iPhone 13 Pro Max be protected by an iPhone 14 Pro Max case?

Can you make the cover for the more recent iPhone 14 Pro Max fit the more vintage iPhone 13 Pro Max?

The answer is maybe, and for the same general reasons. Similar to what we discovered with matching iPhone 14 cases, your iPhone 14 Pro Max case should match depending on who produced it, unless Apple created it, in which case it definitely won't.

In our testing, we discovered that official Apple covers for the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max mainly fit the older model, although the camera hump somewhat threw the top right corner off. This is in part because the official Apple cases are the flawlessly hugged skin that they are. Despite being extremely near, we discovered that our volume buttons didn't function, which is again probably because Apple uses perfect accuracy for their casings.

In contrast, EFM's iPhone 14 Pro Max covers easily fit the design of the iPhone 13 Pro Max and included a camera cut-out that gave the 13 Pro Max's smaller camera a little amount of more space.

The case for an earlier iPhone 13 Pro Max does not work with an iPhone 14 Pro Max case as long as Apple didn't create it.