Our mobile phone cases get many usages every day. We browse them while sitting on the sofa with a snack dish, putting oil or crumbs on the casing, and we chuck them in our bags and purses, where they accumulate lint and attract smudges. The majority of us even take our phones into the restroom. Yuck!

Learning how to clean a phone case is often beneficial. However, not all phone cases are constructed with the same materials, leaving some of us perplexed and utilizing cleaning products that may do more damage than good. For example, leather and wood phone covers are susceptible and need additional attention. Are you unsure what to do? We explain how to clean a phone cover depending on the material it's composed of.

Before we begin, we want to point out that, even if you're in a hurry, permanently remove your phone from its case before cleaning. Furthermore, before putting your phone back into place, ensure your phone cover is dry.


Plastic and silicone rubber are equally popular phone case materials because they provide outstanding durability, flexibility, and an easy-to-clean surface. Unlike a leather or wood case, it can withstand stains and filth, and it cleans up practically simply.

To begin, prepare a sudsy water solution with a dash of dish soap. Place the phone case in the basin and let it soak in the solution for a few minutes before thorough cleaning.

If your phone cover's corners, nooks, and crannies are exceptionally grimy, you could make a baking soda and vinegar paste and scrape it into these places with a toothbrush to provide more grit.

After removing the extra filth, thoroughly rinse it under cold water. Then, dry the phone case using a soft, non-abrasive microfiber suede towel. Lint will not accumulate on the rubber substance as a result of this. Do you still have stains? Wipe the dirty area with an isopropyl alcohol-dampened cloth. Your rubber phone case is now clean!

Have a transparent iPhone or Google Pixel phone cover that shows off the characteristic colour of your phone? See our instructions for cleaning a transparent phone case.



Cleaning a leather phone case differs from cleaning a case made of plastic or rubber. Furthermore, leather phone cases, particularly wallet-style phone cases, are often mistreated. Leather looks beautiful when it starts to break in and takes on a warmer, worn appearance, but stains and grime are different. Furthermore, you may appreciate a worn-in appearance on a club chair or a leather jacket but not on your phone case. So, if you want to clean a leather phone cover, follow these steps:

The first guideline for cleaning a leather phone cover is never directly applied liquids to the case. Because leather is permeable, it should only be cleaned with a moist towel – never wet! The second guideline for cleaning leather is to use a basic cleaning solution. Any dyed or coloured cleaning solution may stain the leather, so use an essential hand soap that is as kind on your skin as on the leather case. Mix a little hand soap into a water basin, then dip and wring out a microfiber towel to ensure it is not wet. Then, using a moist towel, wipe off the leather casing.

Use a second dry towel to eliminate excess water, and thoroughly dry a leather phone cover. Because leather may stretch, dry it in quick movements rather than lengthy strides. If you leave your leather phone cover out in the sun or realize it isn't as soft as it once was, use a leather conditioner to restore its buttery softness.


Cleaning a wooden phone case is comparable to cleaning a wooden table. Instead of soaking it with a cleaning solution, dust it and wipe it off with a moist towel. On the other hand, a porous wood phone cover might absorb fluids, expand, and cause harm. Regular wipe-downs with a microfiber cloth are the best method to preserve and clean a wood phone cover.

Is water not cleaning your dusty wood phone case? A vinegar and water solution may be used for extra TLC (1:2 ratio). Mist the wood case with the solution after thoroughly mixing it in a fine spray mister. Using a mist bottle, you may avoid oversaturating the wood case and instead give it the appearance of tiny aerosol particles. Using the microfiber cloth, wipe off the phone case toward the wood grain.

Your wooden phone cover should be clean now. What's more, guess what? You may keep the misting bottle and cleaning solution for regular cleanings.



Whether you have one of our fantastic iPhone 13 Case or Samsung Phone Case, you will need to clean it at some point. However, remember that a weekly check-up and clean-down may go a long way.