How to Choose an Ideal iPhone Case?

An iPhone comes at a hefty price and subsequently requires the best kind of protection too. Where you have spent a considerable amount on procuring an iPhone, it serves your best interests to level up its protection with an iPhone case.

Herein this article, we will explore the essential tips and factors, so you can easily choose an ideal phone case.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an iPhone Case

Basing your decision on color or aesthetics alone will not prove sufficient in settling on the correct type of case for your iPhone. Other factors come into play, such as:

Phone Model

iPhones differ in size according to the models. An iPhone 12 case will not adjust on an iPhone 14 and vice versa. Similarly, an iPhone 14 Plus case will not go with a regular iPhone 14 either. As such, you must check the iPhone model and the type before selecting the right type of iPhone case.

Type of Protection

iPhone cases come with different types of protection, including:

Shock absorption

the ability to protect against bangs and hits

Dust protection

the ability to protect from throws and drops.

Drop protection

the ability to prevent dust from entering the ports of the iPhone.


the ability to protect against submersion and splashes

Depending on your usage and the type of environment you use your iPhone in, you will have to check for the type of protection offered. For humid or rainy areas, getting a waterproof case would be viable. Even if you are surrounded by young ones who like to spill liquids, having a waterproof iPhone case will do you lots of good.

Similarly, if you are prone to dropping your phone now and then, choosing an iPhone case with shock absorption and drop protection should be your choice.


Aesthetics are often the first factor that most people focus on. However, as per our suggestion, they should be the third step in your mind.

The current era has brought with it many iPhone cases to choose from, each boasting a unique aesthetic from solid colors to graffiti to different types of artworks even featuring pop culture characters and icons.

You can choose one that attunes a professional look or exudes eccentricity. The choice is yours. A funky iPhone case might not be suitable for business meetings, while a simple single-color case could appear dull at a casual party.


Besides aesthetics, now iPhone cases come jam-packed with exciting features such as LED lights, built-in kickstands, notches for connecting with a strap or lanyard, and even card holder slots.

You will find card holder slots in leather cases, where you can keep your credit and debit cards. For tracking your workouts, choosing an armband iPhone case may work well for you as it can be attached to your arm.

Price and Quality

Depending on your budget, you can choose a mid-tier iPhone case or a premium one. Starting from $5, iPhone cases may exceed $100 regarding professional-grade shielding. If your budget is low, you can make do with the $5 to $15 price range, but if your lifestyle calls for a heavy-duty damage protection case, it is best to stick to the $50+ category.