Why is your AirPod case not charging | Best Way to Solve Problem

Your charging case should be able to provide roughly 30 hours of listening time before you need to recharge at an outlet since, for the most part, your AirPods should function flawlessly. However, sometimes even your AirPods case might have a problem and stop charging correctly, which can interfere with your active lifestyle. Here are the most popular solutions to problems when the charging case for your AirPods isn't setting.

You inquire, "Why isn't the AirPods case charging?

There could be many causes. The leading causes of an AirPods case not charging are broken down in this tutorial to help you solve and troubleshoot the problem. But some issues are unsolvable, so Case-Mate provides a vast selection of fashionable AirPods case covers for every version so you can keep your earbuds safe.


Your AirPods may not be charging or receiving the necessary boost for various reasons. To help you examine and revive your gadget, we've broken down some of the typical causes and their fixes below.

#1 A dirty Lightning plug might be used as the charging port

If you often stow them away in the bottom of bags or shove them in your pockets, the outside charging connection may amass a lot of dirt and detritus. Clean out the charging port to ensure this is not the issue preventing your AirPods case from charging.

To prevent additional damage, learn how to safely and effectively clean the charging wire and case of your AirPods. It may short-circuit if your case gets wet, which is a much more significant issue. After that, reattach your charging wire to see whether the AirPods case is charging.

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#2 Your cable or charger is defective.

An interrupted power supply may cause your iPod case's inability to charge. Make careful to look for any damage to the USB cord and charger you are using. Even if nothing stands out, try charging your AirPods case again using a different USB lightning cable, laptop, or other device connection. You never know whether frequent usage of your USB cable may result in internal damage that weakens the cord. Try the following steps if a different cable fails to generate a charge.

Make sure you use a Qi-enabled charger or another suitable wireless charging station if you have a wireless AirPods case. Set the AirPods case on the pad or stand to find the indicator light and move it about a little. Still no success? Your AirPods case not charging might also be caused by another issue.

#3 The software is to blame, not you

If your charging port pins look clean and the problem isn't with the USB connection or charger, it can be a software problem. This may happen if you haven't recently updated your AirPods by connecting them to an iPhone, iPad, or another device, which will update your AirPods automatically. Fortunately, fixing this charging issue just calls for a quick firmware update. This is how you do it:

Restore the AirPods to the charging case, then secure the cover. Then, connect it to a power supply. Place the AirPods case next to the associated device (such as an iPhone, iPad, etc.) to give any missing updates time to install.

You could also need to reset your AirPods if they are still not charging after that. Consider it a last option since, regrettably, it will lose your chosen settings. Locate the setup button on the case's rear for your AirPods. Press it again and keep it there for 15 seconds. The casing should finally return to its normal state when you see a light flash from amber to white. Lastly, make sure it charges.

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You've used up all your choices. Take it to an Apple shop to see if they can identify and resolve the problem. If it is still covered by warranty and they cannot repair it, you may always request a replacement! If not, it may be time to purchase a new charging case for your AirPods. Unfortunately, AirPods charging cases cannot be fixed; however, if your earphones are still functional, you may purchase a replacement case.


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