Robotic Ring - iPhone XR
Robotic Ring - iPhone XR
Robotic Ring - iPhone XR
Robotic Ring - iPhone XR
Robotic Ring - iPhone XR
Robotic Ring - iPhone XR
iPhone XR

Robotic Ring

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Introducing the ultimate innovation in smartphone accessories, the Robotic Ring for iPhone XR. The smooth and sleek design of this ring offers a perfect grip, making it convenient to use while taking selfies or even when you're on video calls. With its adjustable viewing angles, you can now enjoy hands-free entertainment or navigate through applications effortlessly. Not only that, but this Robotic Ring also provides additional protection against accidental drops and bumps due to its secure grip. Make your life easier by upgrading your experience with the futuristic Robotic Ring for iPhone XR.

  • Precision and accuracy: The Robotic Ring for iPhone XR ensures precise control over your device, allowing you to operate it with greater accuracy
  • Enhanced grip: The ring provides a comfortable and secure grip on your phone, reducing the risk of accidental drops or slips
  • Versatile functionality: Apart from serving as a holder, the ring can also be used as a kickstand for handsfree viewing or as an aid in taking photos
  • Sleek design: With its sleek appearance and durable construction, the Robotic Ring adds both style and protection to your iPhone XR.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Erick R

I like the quality of the case and fit very well with the phone, the buttons go perfect

Jay Hall
Nice case, charging sucks

The case looks nice enough but the flaw is in the fact that you can’t wirelessly charge in a dependable way. I’ve tried several chargers, none work. Either they don’t charge at all or the charge goes in and out.

Andrew Hayeur
Awesome Case

Great quality and feel

Alyssa Brochu
Good case

This is a pretty good phone case, it's tough. Feels like an otter box! My only issue is since using the ring on the back, it no longer stays folded in when I'm not using it. It flip flops around. But great case regardless!

Shannon Pahl
Good Case

Case seems sturdy and fits well. However it is not induction charging compatible. Would be helpful if this was in the description.